Duralec Super 15W-40

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  • 1 gallon - Duralec Super 15W-40

 Royal Purple Duralec Super 15w-40 motor oil is high-performance engine oil made for emission-controlled diesel engines utilizing emissions equipment such as DPF’s, Catalytic Converters, EGR, and SCR injection. Royal Purple Duralec Super 15W-40 and 10W-30 are API CJ-4 engine oils.

Royal Purple Duralec Super motor oil is specifically formulated to maximize component life, extend drain intervals and improve fuel performance. These premium lubricant formulations provide excellent high-temperature resistance and low-temperature pumpability, outstanding soot dispersancy, improved rust and corrosion protection, and prevention of varnish and sludge formation.


• Greater Wear Protection Duralec Super's advanced additive technologies form a tough, tenacious film on all metal surfaces providing superior engine wear protection.

• Greatly Extends Oil Drain Intervals Duralec Super Motor Oil is extremely oxidation stable and stands up to the heat that causes oils to thicken, form lacquer and varnish deposits, lose its lubricity and shorten the life of both the oil and the engine.

• Superior Corrosion Protection Duraiec Super's advanced additive technologies protect during normal and Severe operation and act as preservative oil during shut-down, which protects initial startup.

• Reduces Exhaust Emissions Duralec Super Motor OiJ provides a superior seal between the piston ring and cylinder wall, which reduces blow-by, improves combustion efficiency and reduces harmful emissions.

• Keeps Engines Clean Duralec Super Motor Oil's natural solvency cleans deposits left by old oils and keeps engines clean.

• API Warranty Compliant Duralec Super's SAE grade motor oils are API licensed. They are compatible with other mineral and synthetic motor oils. Switching is easy. Drain the old oil. Change the filter. Add Duralec Super Motor Oil. Follow the manufacturer's recommended drain intervals during warranty.

• Will Not Harm Seals Duralec Super Motor Oil has the same excellent seal compatibility as mineral engine oils.

• Environmentally Responsible Duralec Super Motor Oil components are TSCA listed and meet EPA, RCA and OSHA requirements. Duralec Super 15W-40 Motor Oil extends oil drain intervals, eliminates premature oil changes, decreases the amount of oil purchased and disposed of and conserves energy.



Royal Purple Duralec Super API CK-4 should be considered where the following OEM specifications are



Caterpillar ECF-3

Cummins CES 20086

Detroit Diesel DFS 93K222

DeutzDQC 111-1 OLA

Mack EO-S -4.5

MB 228.31


Volvo VDS-4.5

Royal Purple Duralec Super 15W-40 API CK-4 can also be used in older diesel engines, including off-highway engines still using the 500 ppm sulfur diesel fuels.